Dragon Scale Betta Fish – Facts & Profile

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If you are a Betta fish lover like us, you are probably aware of the fact there are several different sub-species of this amazingly colored fish available. And one of the most spectacular ones is certainly the Dragon Scale Betta.

Professional betta breeders have worked many years to achieve the “dragon gene” and the results are simply amazing. Here are all the facts you need to know about it, as well as a general profile.

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What is a Dragon Scale Betta?

Briefly, a Dragon Scale Betta is a Betta fish that was born with the dragon gene. Such gene allows the fish to have thick, metallic, white scales across its body.

More specifically, on its top iridescent layers, making it somehow resemble to a dragon scale armor. This particular sub-breed was obtained as a breeding result between a domesticated Betta Splendens and a wild Betta Mahachai.

The first Dragon Scale Betta was presented back in 2004 in Thailand and it became a massive success, with this fish type becoming one of the most wanted aquatic pets. From then, many breeders around the world are constantly trying to achieve more color patterns.

Dragon Scale Betta Fish Profile

Now, let’s take a look to a few facts and dragon scale betta requirements, which you should follow in order to keep your fish happy and healthy.

– Size & Lifespan

A Dragon Scale Betta is mostly distinctive thanks to its specific metallic armor, as there are today so many variations of this sub-breed. However, some general specifications say that an average fish has an elongated robust body and it can grow up to 2.5 inches in length.

Female Dragon Scale Bettas feature somehow shorter fins when compared to their male partners, and they also tend to be less aggressive. They usually survive from 2 to 3 years in captivity, as long as all environmental conditions are provided.

– Water Parameters

Just as any other Betta, this sub-breed is also quite resistant and can basically survive in tiny tanks with no filtration.

However, keeping them into a proper aquarium with a functioning filtration system and without relying on room temperatures, they will certainly have a longer life of higher standards. And, therefore, they will be happier.

A healthy Betta should live in really clean water, with moderate sunlight access and enough hiding spaces. Being a tropical fish, the water temperature needs to be anywhere between 75- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit. The pH level of the water should be in a range from 6-8.

Furthermore, all Bettas enjoy having plenty of live plants in their environment, as this resembles a lot to their original tropical home.

– Diet

Standard Betta fish food can be the primary feeding source for this sub-breed, too. Their diet needs to be based on high-quality protein intakes, where pellets or flakes are both good choices.

Additionally, Dragon Scale Bettas enjoy tasty treats on a daily basis. These can include either live food or frozen shrimp, as well as bloodworms.

When feeding your Betta, it is important to stick to the intentional quantities, even if it follows you around the tank asking for some more. Overfeeding can lead to serious problems, such as obesity if they ingest extra food, or ammonia spikes if they leave their meals to sink to the bottom.

Common Dragon Scale Betta Problems

Most common health issues are actually similar to those related to standard Bettas. However, there is an exception in the frequentness of such common illnesses. Indeed, because of the metallic scales across their bodies, they seem to be more delicate when it comes to suffering from blindness or dropsy.

Dropsy is basically a bacterial infection that provokes these creatures to have swollen abdomens, but also sunken eyes and outward-sticking scales. Additionally, the dragon scales can sometimes grow and reach up until their eyes, causing irreparable damages such as blindness.

Other than these two quite common diseases, Dragon Scale Bettas can get any other health complication just as other Bettas can. These are mostly caused by poor water maintenance, so it is crucially important to provide them proper conditions but also to keep the water impeccably clean.

Even if all Betta fish are able to reach the water surface to get some fresh oxygen from the air, keeping them into a tiny bowl is highly inappropriate. And often, cruel.

Are Dragon Scale Bettas Aggressive?

Dragon Scale Bettas are not particularly more aggressive than other betta breeds, but they can certainly be characterized as quite the aggressive fish. Especially males.

They will literally fight off any other male Betta which crosses their path. Females tend to be a bit more friendly.

Females can leave in smaller groups in harmony, even if they are extremely hierarchical, but keeping a male and female betta fish together is not a good idea.

Dragon Scale Betta Color Variations

There is such a vast range of different color variations with this fish, so it can be quite hard to stay on top of all the new modifications. However, a general observation says that most Dragon Scale Bettas are available in bright colors. Also, Bettas can change their color patterns through different life stages.

Besides the red and blue colors which are certainly the most common, they can be found in orange, magenta, yellow, cream, light or dark blue, and green colorations.

Modern breeders have managed to obtain spectacular marble and butterfly patterns, too. But not only. Some variations include metallic choices of gold, platinum, copper and opaque white.

These fish are certainly among the most beautiful species on Earth, thanks to not only various color patterns but also to their magnificent tail shapes.

Wrapping Up

Betta fish are definitely one of the most interesting fish among aquarium lovers. They are great for beginners as they do not require that much attention, but they will still keep you occupied and entertained.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate Betta sub-breed for one’s home, many people like to look for Dragon Scale Bettas.

Their name, as well as their specific shape and colors, remind us perhaps of the Far East and bring a pinch of tropical beauty into our homes. And who would not like to take care of such amazing creature?

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