15 Dwarf Gourami Tank Mates – List of Compatible Fish

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Dwarf gourami is a very special small fish. These little fellows will bring plenty of variety and bright colors to your tank.

They are very popular fish to keep in tanks for many reasons; they are very beautiful, to begin with, but they are also quite peaceful species and thus compatible with many other fish species of similar characteristics.

Besides, the dwarf gouramis are quite easy to care for, as they don’t require too much of your attention and are not fussy eaters.

Another good thing about these fish is the fact that they tend to be quite healthy and are adapted to a variety of conditions in the tank.

Dwarf Gourami Fish

Dwarf Gourami Fish

Normally, these fish would strive in more tropical settings, but they can adapt to different conditions, too.

Originally from Asia (more specifically, India and Bangladesh), these fish were first more popular only in Asia, but have gained a lot of popularity worldwide due to their specifications.

As we already said, these small fish are very beautiful. They have almost the whole color palette on their bodies; the colors are ranging from orange to light blue.

Due to the character of the dwarf gouramis, there are many fish species that would go well with this fish. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best tank mates for the dwarf gouramis.

We will analyze why a certain species is great to keep with the dwarf gouramis, and also some other specifications of each of the fish on the list.

Hopefully, you will learn something about which fish species you should keep with the dwarf gouramis.

15 Best Fish Compatible With Dwarf Gourami

The following is the list of 15 best fish that are compatible with the dwarf gourami fish.

1. Guppies

Guppy Fish

Guppy Fish

As is the case with guppies, they would make great tank companions to almost any fish that is small and peaceful. It is no different with dwarf gouramis.

They have very similar specifications – both are peaceful in terms of character, and both are quite friendly towards other fish of similar proportions and specifications.

Not only that, but they would complement the dwarf gouramis well in terms of appearance. The guppies are primarily grey with other colors on their fins, while the gouramis are colorful.

This would bring a slight difference to the dwarf gouramis and it would complement the colors well.

Besides, the guppies are expected to bring no problems to you. They are peaceful and very easy to keep and not demanding at all.

Their fins are stunning and the whole appearance is very nice. They also prefer to be kept in groups.

2. Mollies

Molly Fish

Molly Fish

Mollies are another fish species that would be great companions for the dwarf gouramis. They would be compatible in terms of character and body proportions.

Mollies do require plenty of light and tropical settings, which is also the case for dwarf gouramis.

The maximum length of the mollies is 5 inches. Mollies are omnivores, which means that they will eat just about anything you offer them and will not really demand too much in that respect.

Live foods, as well as frozen foods and flakes, will do just fine.

These small fish can live up to 10 years if cared for properly. So not only you are getting a good tank companion for the dwarf gouramis, but also a very healthy and undemanding fish which also looks great.

Even their appearance would complement the gouramis perfectly – mollies are primarily black, which is paired nicely with all the colors of dwarf gouramis.

3. Platies

Platy Fish

Platy Fish

The platy fish has always been a popular choice among fish tank keepers.  It has been known ever since 1907 and has been one of the most desired fish ever since.

And that is because of many reasons. These small fish, which can grow to about 3 inches, are very peaceful little fish that would not disturb other fish at all.

That is very similar to the dwarf gouramis – their peaceful characters would complement well. The platies have a relatively short life span, but they are hardy fish nonetheless.

Although they primarily prefer tropical settings in the tank, they are quite adaptable and can live in various tank conditions.

These fish are at their happiest if they are kept in small groups of 3,4 or 5. They are very active swimmers and like to swim in groups in the middle of the tank.

These fish also prefer a very vegetated tank, as they like to hide in between the plants a lot and swim around them.

4. Swordtails

Swordtail Fish

Swordtail Fish

The swordtail fish is also one of the most popular fish out there. They are very unique in terms of appearance – they have a tail that looks like a sword, hence the name swordtail.

The swordtails have been around for a long time; discovered in 1848, these fish have been recognized for their unique appearance and very peaceful and harmless character which complements many other fish species.

Swordtails are tropical fish, which means they prefer warmer water with temperatures of around 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can see that the temperature span is quite wide, which means that the fish is quite adaptable and sturdy.

All in all, these fish would make great tank mates for the dwarf gouramis due to their unique appearance and peaceful character towards other friendly fish.

5. Angelfish



The angelfish are some of the most interesting-looking fish in the world. It is really a cichlid more than it is an angelfish.

Originally, it comes from South America. It has wing-like fins, which looks like that of an angel.

Why would they make good tank mates for dwarf gouramis? First of all, their appearance is surely the biggest factor in this.

Not only they have a stunning appearance, but it would also complement the appearance of the gouramis pretty well.

Secondly, it is a very friendly and peaceful fish that would not disturb other fish very much.

Although they are relatively larger than the dwarf gouramis (6 inches), they are sure not to cause any problems at all for the dwarf gouramis and also other fish in the tank.

6. Betta Fish

The betta fish is a special fish for many tank keepers. While not all betta fish would be compatible with the gouramis, you can definitely keep the female betta fish with dwarf gouramis in the tank. You can expect good compatibility between the two for sure.

While the males can get aggressive towards other betta males and also males from other fish species, the females will go really well with the dwarf gouramis should you decide to keep them. They tend to be peaceful with other peaceful species.

Besides, the betta fish are very special fish in terms of appearance. They have very rich fins and interesting colors. They are one of the most popular fish for tanks; they can even recognize the face of their owner.

7. Corydoras

Cory Catfish

Cory Catfish

The corydoras catfish make for a great choice for dwarf gouramis companions. They are peaceful fish that likes to live in groups of 5 or more – they are shoaling fish.

They would go perfectly well together with dwarf gouramis as well as other peaceful fish in your tank.

Corydoras are catfish, and catfish do tend to hang out mostly at night. But corys are different; they are seen most often during the day, and they are most often seen around the bottom of the tank, where they feed.

But sometimes, they also tend to swim to the surface and gulp air, which is completely normal behavior. If that happens very often, however, it might be an indicator that the water lacks oxygen.

Consider getting some corydoras as fish tank mates for the dwarf gouramis, as they would definitely make a great choice for many reasons.

8. Bristlenose Plecos

The Bristlenose plecos are often better for smaller tanks because they are the smaller variant of the common plecos. They can only grow to about 5 inches in size, which is actually very similar to the dwarf gouramis.

What makes Bristlenose plecos great companions for the dwarf gouramis is also the fact that they are quite friendly and peaceful. They live for about 5 years.

Although you need to keep in mind that their diet is mostly herbivore, this should not represent too much of a problem since the dwarf gouramis are omnivores.

For Bristlenose plecos, make sure you provide enough hiding places and plants because they tend to hide and swim between obstacles in the tank.

9. Tetras

Tetras really are special little fish that can brighten up your tank with their sparkling colors. What is great about tetras is that they are so versatile and undemanding that they can be kept in almost any tank and by almost anyone – from beginners to experts.

There are more subtypes of the tetra fish – there is the black tetra, the neon tetra, flame tetra, green neon tetra, cardinal tetra and more.

Each one of them has a very unique and appealing appearance, which means that their appearance is very interesting and compatible with many other fish in the tank.

These fish are more suited for tropical settings in your tank, which is very similar to the dwarf gouramis. All in all, these small, peaceful fish are very good tank mates for the gouramis.

10. Siamese Algae Eaters

Siamese Algae Eater

Siamese Algae Eater

Not only do these fish represent a perfect companion for the dwarf gourami in terms of behavior, but these fish will also take care of your tank as they will clean up and get rid of the excess algae in the tank.

What is great about these fish is the fact that you will not have to spend a lot to care for them and feed them, because they will primarily feed on algae in the tank but also on just about anything that is left over.

For these reasons, the Siamese algae eaters would make perfect tank companions to the dwarf gouramis and would be ideal for beginners as well.

11. Harlequin Rasboras

Harlequin Rasboras

Harlequin Rasboras

These stunning little fish are another in the series of small, peaceful fish that would complement the dwarf gouramis really well.

In terms of appearance, these stunning little fish display some interesting patterns and colors.

But the main factor to consider them as companions for dwarf gouramis is their character.

They are very peaceful fish that don’t like to disturb other fish; these fish will just mind their own business and let other fish live in peace, which is exactly what you want from fish in that sort of community.

These fish are considerably smaller than the gouramis – only about 2 inches. But still, they would make good companions to the dwarf gouramis.

12. Zebra Danios

Zebra Danios

Zebra Danios

Zebra danios are stunning little fish that would liven up your tank with dwarf gouramis. They look very different to the gouramis – they have zebra-like stripes all over their bodies, and the colors are black and grey-ish.

Compared to gouramis, it is quite a difference, which means that they would actually complement them and add another dimension in the color palette.

But they are also very peaceful fish and they will be grateful for your effort and will reward you massively.

These fish are quite social, which means they would interact really well with the dwarf gouramis. Another good thing is that they are quite hardy and easy to maintain.

13. Ghost Fish (Glass Catfish)

Ghost Catfish

Ghost Catfish

The glass catfish are very unique fish. These fish have a transparent look to their body, which is why they are often branded as the ghost fish. The appearance alone would make them an interesting choice for sure to include in the tank.

But it has more going for it; it is a very peaceful fish that likes to swim in schools of 5 or 6. This behavior will be very interesting to look at – you will only see 5 skeletons swimming around!

These fish are quite active; you will often see them swim around the tank quite actively and will really only ever mind their own business.

For this reason, they would make amazing companions for the dwarf gouramis. Their unique appearances would blend really nicely together, but they are also both quite peaceful fish.

14. Ram Cichlids

Ram Cichlids

Ram Cichlids

Ram cichlids, or the German Blue Rams, are often considered as one of the best cichlid fish for community tanks. Even though it is perceived that cichlid is aggressive in general, it is actually quite different from ram cichlids; these fish are very peaceful, which means that they would make a perfect addition to community tanks.

These fish only grow to about two or three inches in size. The ideal minimal tank size for these fish is thus a 10-gallon tank, but they can adapt to larger tanks if they are kept in groups.

They also have quite a stunning appearance – their bodies are full of color, and with some very interesting patterns on the body. All these reasons make them a great choice for tank mates for dwarf gouramis.

15. Boesemani Rainbow

Boeseman's Rainbowfish

Boeseman’s Rainbowfish

The boesemani rainbow fish was originally an inhabitant of Papua New Guinea. Most often, they are found in lakes and smaller streams.

It is also important to keep in mind that these fish are quite endangered in the wild, and almost extinct.

But they would still make a great addition to your tank. Their appearance is stunning, as they emit a similar color pattern to the rainbow.

You will need to keep perfect water conditions and parameters for this fish, though. They can be quite demanding in that regard.

But they are still peaceful fish and good tank mates for any peaceful fish.

Fish to Avoid Keeping With Gouramis

There are also some fish species that would not really be the best companions for the dwarf gouramis.

Firstly, you might want to avoid having larger and more aggressive fish in the tank. Such fish include the Oscars, larger cichlids, tiger barbs and more.

Another species that would not make good companions is the goldfish and the various subspecies that are included in the goldfish family.

This is because the goldfish have really different needs and require a different tank setup and parameters (they require colder waters than the dwarf gouramis).

Wrapping up

To conclude, the dwarf gouramis are one of the most stunning and popular fish species that tank keepers keep in their tanks.

They have a very unique appearance with plenty of colors on their bodies. These fish are peaceful fish that often require other tank mates in order to fill a larger tank and make a community tank.

In this article, we have covered the best fish to keep with the dwarf gouramis in the tank.

Hopefully, you have learned more about the fish species that would make great companions for the dwarf gouramis and you are now able to make the decision about the tank mates for them.

Remember not to keep larger, aggressive fish with them and provide them with proper care, and they will live happily.

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