Betta Fish and Amano Shrimp – Can They Live Together?

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To all those who are passionate about having a nice and fully alive tank in their home and do not wish to compromise between fish and shrimp, here is a brief writing to help answering the big question: can Betta fish and Amano shrimp live together?

Bettas and shrimp are usually not good tank mates, but thanks to their bigger size, amano shrimp can live with betta fish. These two species have a lot things in common, actually. They are both quite small pets, so do not require that much space and they both need similar water conditions.

This includes a pH between 6 and 7, but also a warmer water temperature range between 76-86 °F (25-30 °C). These shared requirements surely make it quite easier for new owners to adapt ideal tank features to both species, without needing to implement additional control parameters.

And, last but not least, Betta fish and Amano shrimps both adore having plant hiding places in their tank.

Will Betta Fish Attack Amano Shrimps?

Generally speaking, Betta fish are quite the active little hunters, and one of their favorite meals in the wild is surely a good shrimp. They are known to be quite aggressive fish.

However, with Amano shrimps being significantly larger than some other popular pet species, such as Cherry or Ghost shrimps, the story changes a bit here. Indeed, they can often grow over two inches in total length and, consequentially, become a rather impossible pray to Betta fish.

On top of that, Amano shrimps are known to be extremely independent creatures which like spending most of their time in pairs or on their own. This means that it is highly unlikely for them to be bothering fish and provoking attacks.

However, some owners share they experiences with slightly aggressive shrimps toward fish whilst being fed. Luckily, this happens extremely rarely.

To conclude, if you are looking to keep shrimp with betta fish, Amano shrimps are probably the best choice to consider.

Do Amano Shrimps Need Hiding Places?

The answer here is extremely simple: yes, Amano shrimps definitely do need hiding spaces. From various living plants which can grow naturally in most tanks, to several decorative stones or rocks- the more, the better.

Shrimps are delicate and timid little creatures, so providing them a refuge is essential. Otherwise, you are risking for your pets having an extremely stressful life. And no owner wishes that, right?

There are so many beautiful aquatic plants available today, which can not only provide hiding places for shrimp but to also add a nice touch to your tank. Depending on the tank size and type, you can choose from moss and ferns to algae, and they will all look amazing.

That said, it is important to mention that living plants can also provide a food source for shrimp. And, more importantly, a good hiding spot during those days when Betta fish decide to get into a fight with them.

How Many Amano Shrimps to Keep with Betta Fish?

This depends entirely on the tank size. A general rule says that a 10-gallon tank can accommodate up to 5 Amano shrimps and one Betta fish. This means that the best ratio is one shrimp per two gallons of water.

Also, it is important to make sure that there is never just one shrimp in your tank. One shrimp can easily be overwhelmed by a betta fish, and on top of that shrimp feel safe in groups.

It is suggestable to place small groups of four to six shrimps in your tank at one time, to avoid highly stressful situations for them.

Finally, please keep in mind that having a total number of three or four shrimps can sometimes lead to dominant behavior between them. Also, keeping an equal ratio of male and female shrimps in a tank is immensely helpful.

Why Keep Amano Shrimps with Betta Fish?

Many owners worldwide like keeping Amano shrimps along with Betta fish, because they make good living partners but also keep tanks extremely clean. Indeed, Amano shrimps are the best algae eaters ever!

On top of that, there are several other reasons why to mix these two species. Firstly, they are simple to maintain and they both adapt extremely well to small-sized tanks. But also, being so tiny, they do not create noticeable waste into tanks.

And finally, it is important to mention once again that both pets require quite similar water and environment conditions, which makes setting their tanks uncomplicated.

That said, these two species make a great combination for those owners who prefer fewer cleaning activities. And not only, but they will also make happy all those people who like having a nicely decorated tank in their living areas, with all the necessary hiding places.

Can Amano Shrimps Eat Betta Food?

When it comes to Amano shrimps, every time is a good time for eating, and every kind of food is suitable. They are quite the eaters and will literally walk around the tank until they manage to find some food on their path. Such meals include tank algae, but also Betta food leftovers.

Feeding on fish food leftovers is simply fine and can bring to no damage at all. However, this cannot be their primarily source of food and they do need supplements for shrimps. Incredibly important supplements include calcium, as this will ensure a healthy shell growth.

Apart from that, there are several commercial meals available for these pets, such as shrimp pellets. In a combination with healthy algae, this is what makes a highly nutritive and healthy meal plan for these tiny aquatic creatures.


Having a smaller aquatic tank does not necessarily have to mean that one needs to compromise on keeping one fish species over another. Or, even, on choosing between fish and shrimp.

Some species can share their tiny habitats perfectly fine, without fighting or stealing food from each other. And a good example of such combo is surely the life of Amano shrimps and Betta fish.

Amano shrimps are quite larger when compared to similar shrimp pets, so the chance of them getting eaten by Betta fish is extremely low. Also, these two species require similar or identical environmental conditions, so setting up their home is an easy task.

And, more importantly, they will basically clean the tank themselves, eating all the algae residues and saving time to their owners.

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