10 Best Aquarium Plants for Betta Fish

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When it comes to setting up the tank for your betta fish, one of the more important considerations you have to make is about which plants you will put into the tank.

Now many people are in favor of having plastic plants in your betta tank as they don’t require much maintenance, will last forever, and won’t get chewed on by the fish.

But the fact is that plastic plants can’t provide the benefits that live plants do, such as better oxygenation of the water and the natural filtering they provide.

Choosing the right type of plants is also very important for a betta tank. Betta fish like to swim around quite a lot, and that includes hiding between the plants and moving in between them.

Beautiful plants can also enhance the look of your aquarium on the whole, and they provide a natural filter for your water.

In this article, we will take a look at which are the best aquarium plants to buy for your betta fish tank. Some plants are more appropriate than others, and that can be down to many things.

Size is quite an important factor that you need to consider, and also the compatibility with the betta fish – some are more compatible than others. Here are the best aquatic plants for your tropical betta fish tank.

1. Anubias

Anubia is an aquatic plant that stems from Western Africa, and they can thus survive in similar conditions than the bettas. Its beautiful and natural green coloring is certainly an appealing factor for the anubias, and they will only grow to about 5 inches in size.

For this type of plant, you can choose to get the live plants, or you can opt for the plastic version. They can be placed at the bottom of the tank into the substrate, and you will see your betta swimming around these a lot.

When the anubia flower grows, you will be able to see the beautiful white flower that comes out for 2 or 3 months. These plants are also quite sturdy and will survive temperatures anywhere from 72 degrees Fahrenheit to 82 degrees.

2. Cryptocoryne

Cryptocoryne is one of the most widely used aquarium plants out there, and that is a testament to the qualities it brings. It acts as a natural filter, and it can bring plenty of oxygen to the water. Additionally, they are so compact that you can bring plenty of these into the tank, and they look very nice.

Plus, there are a whole plethora of choices when it comes to this plant. They come in just about any shape and size you can imagine, and they are available in a variety of colors.

They are most often planted at the bottom of the tank into the substrate, and they only grow to a few inches in size. Additionally, these plants are very strong and healthy, as they have relatively strong roots, and you can expect them to survive for quite a long time.

3. Java Fern

Java fern is a beginner-friendly plant that is often recommended to people when they buy a new tank. These plants display a bright-green color that will surely brighten up your tank and make it more interesting. Bettas are especially fond of this plant, as it allows them to hide between the green leaves, which can provide a jungle in your own tank.

However, you might have to be careful with the amount of these plants you put into the tank. They tend to grow quite quickly, which can soon lead to overgrowth if you are not careful, leading to a decrease in the swimming space for your betta. You can always trim the java fern a bit if it grows too big.

4. Hornwort

For many, hornwort is a plant that raises questions about its capability to be in the betta tank. But the main reason why hornwort is used is that they are so beautiful and unique.

On the other hand, they might cause problems with your bettas. Namely, if they overgrow too much, they can start causing damage to the fins of the betta. For this reason, it needs to be trimmed often.

The best thing about the plant is that there are literally hundreds of types of this plant to choose from, allowing you to have control over just about everything – the shapes, the colors.

It should be used as the only plant if you decide to get hornwort, as they are an invasive species that will kill off other plants in the tank. Other than that, it provides a good place for your bettas to hide, and it’s a very entertaining plant for sure.

5. Amazon Frogbit

Amazon frogbit is a type of plant that can be used for betta tanks. They are floating plants, which means that the leaves of the plant will float on the surface of the tank, and the roots will extend almost all the way down to the substrate.

Frogbit is a good choice for bettas as they allow a lot of movement under them, and they can provide a natural hiding place from the surface.

Some owners don’t like this type of plants in their tank simply because they make the surface look rather crowded.

But they are a good choice as it allows your bettas to swim around quite a lot, and they look quite entertaining. Also, if you are looking for something additional to your already existing plants in the tank, this is a good option.

6. Marimo Moss Ball

Marimo moss balls are literally balls of moss that can be placed onto the bottom of the tank or somewhere on other features of the tank, such as rocks or other types of obstacles.

These moss balls are visually stunning, and they provide an entertaining factor to your tank. They are best used in combination with another type of plant. But remember to not exaggerate with the plants, especially if you have a smaller tank.

It is actually a type of algae that acts like other plants in the tank. They will also provide a natural filter, and they will use natural light for photosynthesis.

An interesting feature of these balls is that if they stay in one shape for too long, they will start to flatten. So you can reshape them gently at any time you want.

7. Java Moss

Java moss is one of the best plants to use in a betta fish tank. Your bettas will absolutely love java moss as they will find themselves swimming among these plants and they are good as hiding spots. Additionally, they will look exceptional in your tank, and they create a stunning visual effect in the aquarium.

Java moss is a mainstream choice for betta fish tanks, because they are so easy to care for and don’t require much from your part. It is very hardy and will survive even in harsh conditions. Java moss will almost never die, and it will have to be extreme conditions that will cause the death of this plant. That is why it is recommended to beginners a lot of the time.

It can make your tank look natural, as it is a great plant for aquascaping.

8. Amazon Sword

Amazon swords are taller plants with leaves that stick out of the roots of the plant-like swords. Used in combination with other plants, these swords can create the perfect environment for your betta fish. They will be able to hide between the leaves, and swim around them.

They can be kept with ease, as they are not particularly hard to care for, and they can survive in adverse conditions as well. What you will need to be careful about is the possible size of these plants, as they can grow quite tall. Sometimes, they might need a cutting job.

9. Waterweeds (Elodea)

Waterweeds, also knonw as Elodea is a really good plant for betta fish tanks. These plants can be planted in the substrate or you can leave them floating.

Elodea plants are fast growers without the need of fertilizers or much light. They have the ability to remove a lot of toxins from the water, that may harm your betta fish.

These plants are also really easy to care for. Just cut off the long stem and replant it into the substrate. If you are floating the plant, you don’t even need to make any cuttings, just let the plant grow.

If the older part of the plant starts dying off, you can cut it off and remove it from the betta tank to not pollute the water with decaying organic matter.

Elodea plants are great choice for beginners and can grow in any size aquariums.

10. Guppy Grass

The name might not suggest it, but guppy grass can be a good plant for your betta tank. Even though they are primarily used for guppy tanks, they provide a good plant for betta tanks too.

Because the two fish are relatively similar in terms of size and behavior, it can be used for bettas. It is a relatively dense plant, so be careful of putting too much of it, as it can inhibit the movement of the betta.

Do Bettas Need Live Plants?

Live plants are generally better than plastic plants. The latter is mainly used for decoration, while live plants will provide more important benefits.

They will give the water more oxygen, and they will act as a natural filter. Plastic plants are sometimes preferred by people who don’t want to maintain plants too much, but the benefits of live plants are clear to see.


Choosing the right plants for the betta tank is important. Hopefully, you will be able to choose the best plant for your betta tank from this list.

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