10 Reasons Why Betta Fish Are The Perfect Pet

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The betta fish is one of the most popular fish species out there. If you are looking for a great fish, then here are 10 good reasons why you should opt for the betta fish.

From the appearance to the maintenance and the long-term viability, the betta fish is right up there and should be considered for a freshwater tank. There are some specifications of the betta fish that you should consider, though, and we will cover them here.

1. Bettas are Beautiful

One of the best things about the betta fish is that they are exceptionally beautiful. Their appearance is definitely one of the most unique and exciting things about this fish. It is often the reason that people buy this fish.

The bettas are so popular, and there are many variations of the betta fish to choose from. From the color variations to varying bodies and the different shapes of the fins, there are endless choices you can make with the bettas. Blue, red, black, yellow, orange, white is all colors that can interchange on a betta fish body. You will be hard-pressed to find two betta fish that are completely the same.

2. Bettas Don’t Need Huge Tanks

Another good feature of this fish is that it doesn’t need too much space to live in. You should, of course, make sure that it gets enough space – about 5 to 10 gallons should be enough for a single betta fish. Most often, the bettas are found as a solitary fish in the tank, but there are also many bettas that strive in community tanks.

Those sorts of tanks should fit the betta fish’s character. Remember that even though the bettas don’t need that much space, you shouldn’t keep a betta fish in a fishbowl. In a community tank, it should have enough space as it can get territorial.

3. Betta Fish is Inexpensive

The inexpensiveness of the betta fish is a good thing; not only is it inexpensive at the start when you buy the fish, but it will also not cost you a lot in the long term.

You can get the betta fish for a relatively low price from your local pet shop. The fact that it doesn’t require too much maintenance is obviously a very good thing because that means that the fish will not cost you too much in the long run.

4. Bettas are Easy Pets

By easy, I mean easy to care for and don’t require much maintenance at all. In terms of diet, the betta fish are quite adaptable; if you want to feed them flakes, then you can do so, as the betta fish are not very picky eaters.

In terms of maintenance, you will need to make sure that your filter is working properly and that the water is at optimal levels. The bettas require slightly warmer water but can adapt, too. All in all, the bettas are great fish to care for as they can be taken care of by beginners as well.

5. Bettas Can Live for Years

Providing that you give them proper care and attention, the betta fish can absolutely thrive in your tank. In general, they are quite hardy fish and can live for quite a long span, and you can contribute to that by giving them the right care. The bettas can live for 3 to 5 years, maybe even more than that if you provide them with good care. Some users have reported that their bettas have even lived for 10 years or more.

6. You Can Keep Only One Betta

A great thing about bettas is that you can keep one solitary betta in the tank, and they will remain just as happy. In fact, that might even be beneficial for them, as they will surely have enough space to live properly, which is the primary goal when you own a betta fish.

While you can keep them in a community tank or with some other fish in the tank, the bettas will be perfectly fine by living alone. Not only would this bring the best out of the betta, but it will also mean there would be no fights with other fish.

7. Bettas Are Hardy Fish

Bettas are sturdy fish that can survive in various conditions. This means that they can survive for longer and in harder conditions. They have quite a strong immune system, which enables them to thrive even if the water is not at the right level. Bettas are healthy fish that don’t generally have too many health issues.

8. Bettas are Great Vacation Pets

If you are someone who travels a lot, then bettas might be the perfect pets for you. That is because bettas are quite adaptable to a change in the environment and can survive for longer periods, even without being fed. They can survive without feeding for up to 2 weeks, which is why they are great fish for you if you travel a lot.

9. Each Betta Fish has Personality

A big part of why bettas are so popular is that each betta fish has its own personality. No two betta fish are the same, which cannot be said of some other fish species. When you buy a betta fish, you are getting a fish with a unique character, and it allows you to build a relationship with the fish. Bettas are intelligent fish with personalities. This fact is one of the big reasons as to why the bettas are so often seen in home aquariums.

10. Bettas are Very Active Fish

If you want a fish that will be very active in your tank, then betta is the way to go. You can expect plenty of movement from your bettas in the tank, which will make for a stunning sight when they move their colorful bodies and richly-developed fins. There won’t be many boring moments when you will own a betta in your tank.


Betta fish are a great fish species; even though they might get aggressive at times towards other fish, you can prevent that by keeping them alone in the tank.

Bettas are great fish to have in your tank, and in this article, we learned the 10 top reasons why that is so.

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