5 Best Betta Fish Tank Kits

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Are you looking for a Betta Fish tank kit? Then you are on the right page because we are about to show you the best tank kits right now in the market.

The beautiful waving fins and vibrant colors make the Betta one of the most popular species among fish enthusiasts.

Just as any other fish, the Betta also needs a fish tank he can comfortably live in. First off, you have to let go of the widespread idea that Betta Fish can or should live in small bowls.

It is not good for their health as the water is quickly going to get contaminated and they are going to be frustrated all the time.

One Betta needs at least 5 gallons of space in order to thrive. If you are not sure what type of aquarium you should buy then don’t worry, we have prepared some really good suggestions for you.

Keep on reading and we are going to show you the best Betta Fish homes available online.

Best Aquarium Kits for Betta Fish

You need to keep in mind that your Betta has to live in a healthy and comfortable environment. Otherwise, it will eventually going to suffer with health problems and some of those are rather hard to cure. People often look it up that this species lives in shallow waters out in the wild.

However, this doesn’t mean that they can live in small tanks. In fact, those river basins and rice paddles can be quite extensive. Don’t hesitate to go for a bigger solution. Although they live in still waters, you will still need to get an aquarium with a filter installed.

Lighting is also essential, as you want to let your fish know when it’s daytime and when is it time to sleep. With a good LED light installed, they are not only going to have a healthy sleep cycle. It is also going to showcase the beautiful colors of the Betta Fish.

LEDs are also more energy-efficient than other types of lighting. And lastly, you want your Betta to live in an environment that looks great and resembles its natural habitat. A good aquarium will allow anyone to take a look at your precious fish from many angles.

However, don’t just buy a fish tank kit because it looks cool. It has to be actually good for your Betta Fish to live and thrive in it. Below, we have put together a list of the absolute best fish tank kits you can buy and reviewed each of them. Let’s see what we have here!

1. MarineLand 5 Gallon Glass LED Aquarium Kit

It is reliable, it looks awesome and it is going to be a delight for your Betta Fish to live in it. This MarineLand fish tank model has a unique design with curved glass that is going to be a decorative addition to your home no matter where you put it.

Since this is a vertical aquarium, you don’t need to put that many plants into it and your Betta is still going to feel at home. For this species, it is essential that your tank has a filter installed. This MarineLand tank comes with an outstanding 3-stage Bio Foam filter that is going to do a great job cleaning the water.

The LED lighting is one of the main things that makes the aquarium look so awesome. It allows you to switch between blue, white light and the mix of the two. What your Betta Fish is definitely going to like is the shimmering effect the white light creates. It imitates the sunlight shining through the slowly waving water.


2. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

This one gives you the option to go for an acrilyc fish tank instead of a glass one. The best thing about the Tetra Crescent Acrilyc kit is that you also get the Tetra Whisper filter, which is a trademark of the brand. This filter is going to be perfect for your Betta Fish.

Thanks to the 3-stage filtration process it is based on, it will ensure that the water is going to be crystal clear. As its name suggests, the Tetra Whisper is so quiet that you are barely going to hear it. Most importantly, your Bettas are certainly not going to notice it.

Any contamination or discoloration is going to be negated by the ultra-activated carbon that comes with the package. When it comes to the lighting, the hidden LEDs will provide enough light for your betta to be happy and stay healthy and for the plants to grow and develop well.


3. GloFish Aquarium Kit

Although it was initially designed for fish that actually glow, the GloFish tank kit turns out to be great for Betta Fish as well. They will look awesome in this full-featured and decorative aquarium. The tank is curved, which allows you to observe your fish from all angles around it.

The GloFish not only looks awesome but it’s also worth every dime thanks to its functionality. It is easy to clean it and your Bettas will have plenty of space to swim around and enjoy their home. The micro filter that comes with it will guarantee that the water is going to be well-cleaned.

Your Betta Fish are going to love the blue LED lights that shine through the aquarium in its entirety. In addition, it is going to emphasize the vivid colors that most Betta species flourish in. The GloFish tank kit begs for fluorescent accessories. Put a few of those in and you are going to be proud to show your aquarium to your friends.


4. Koller Products Panaview 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit

If you are looking for a Betta Fish tank kit that is affordable and looks great, then you should get this Koller Panaview Kit. It is simple, it is curved and your fish are going to love it. It comes with a pretty good lighting kit installed that allows you to choose between 5 different colors.

The filter attached to it is weak enough to not bother your Betta Fish and strong enough to clean the water properly. However, if you ever need a stronger one, you can easily change it. All in all, it is a great tank kit to start with if it’s going to be your first time to set one up.

For beginner fish keepers, we can absolutely recommend this one. Although it is made of plastic instead of glass, it is barely noticeable. It provides a clean view of your beautiful Bettas in their whole splendor from all angles. Despite the cheaper materials, what you get is a well-assembled tank kit you can rely on.


5. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

5-gallon tanks are perfect for your Betta Fish and this aquarium kit is going to be great for him. It looks awesome, it is made from etched glass and it doesn’t require much space in your home. You can simply put it on a small desk somewhere where everyone can see your precious fish.

This aquarium comes with a filtration system and pump installed on one side. It also gives you the option to install a stick heater if you want by leaving out some extra space for it. With the lighting that comes with thirty-seven LEDs, you will be able to provide bright ligting for your Betta Fish.

With this well-designed aquarium kit, you will be able to see your Bettas in their full splendor no matter where they are in the tank. There is also a 3-stage filtration system that has its own foam block, BioMax rings and activated carbon. Although the circulation pump will be initially too strong for your Betta, you will be able to adjust it easily.


What is the Best Size Tank for a Betta Fish?

Although they could survive in a small bowl, it is definitely not the recommended size for them. It quickly gets contaminated and you will need to change the water every day if you want your Betta to stay healthy. Not to mention that the fish won’t have enough space to swim around comfortably.

A 5-gallon tank is perfect for a single Betta Fish. This size will guarantee that the water is not going to be full of ammonia and toxins in a couple of days. It will be enough to change the water once a week and less cycling will be required.

Also, you will need additional space for plants and decoration. Since the aquarium has to imitate the natural habitat of the Betta Fish, plants are going to be essential.

Can a Tank be Too Big for Betta?

No matter how large the fish tank is, it is never going to be too large for your Betta. Although it might be unnecessary to buy a huge tank for them, they are going to enjoy living in it for sure. The bigger the tank, the more filtration it will require so that’s definitely something you should take into account.

If you really want to buy a big tank then a 20-gallon one is going to be fine in most cases. It’s a good idea if you don’t have time to change the water regularly. The bigger the tank, the longer it takes until the water gets contaminated in it. Just don’t go for an aquarium that is unreasonably tall.

After all, Betta Fish live in shallow waters in the wild. It is not natural for them to swim a lot in order to get to the top. A bigger fish tank also means you have to put more plants, driftwood and other decoration in it. Providing these hiding places for your Bettas is essential.

You should strive to put together an exciting, rich environment in the aquarium.

Will Betta Fish Jump Out of Tank?

Bettas can jump out of the fish tank for various reasons. The most obvious one is if there are too much ammonia, toxins and leftover foods in the water. If it is too contaminated, then they are eventually going to leave that environment in the form of jumping out.

Another reason why they jump out is that they don’t have enough space. This is why we said that you can’t put them in a tank or bowl that is only a couple of gallons in size. They are simply not going to feel well. It is important to use the LED lighting properly.

If you don’t make the day and night cycle clear for your Betta Fish, then he is going to have an unhealthy sleeping cycle. This will cause him to be frustrated and eventually jump out. If there are any flies or mosquitoes flying around your aquarium, that also increases the chance of them jumping out.

They might notice them and then try to catch and eat them.

Should You Add Aquatic Plant to Your Betta Tank?

You definitely should because aquatic plants are great for water filtration and your Bettas will also appreciate them. They can provide plenty of hiding places for your fish, which is crucial for this species. Although there is no safer place for a fish than an aquarium, it is not so obvious for your fish.

They always anticipate threats and it makes them feel safe if there are hiding places near them. The other important thing is that plants provide shadowy spots for your Betta Fish. And obviously, if you make your aquarium look more natural, it will mimic their natural habitat where they feel most comfortable.

You definitely don’t want the fish tank to be boring because that can be another reason for them to jump out. Bettas love to swim through an environment full of plants.

How to Keep Your Betta Fish Happy?

Just like any other species, Betta Fish also need proper care. As long as you follow the abovementioned tips and create a nice home for your Bettas, they are going to thrive for years. They need a heater, they need a filter, proper LED lighting and properly set water parameters.

And here are the two most important factors: clean water and plenty of plants. You need to feed them with healthy food once or twice a day and to keep the aquarium away from direct sunlight. It can greatly heat up the water which would be rather unpleasant for them.

Betta Fish also like if you interact with them, play with them from time to time and even teach them a couple of tricks. They are very intelligent. You might also want to add another Betta or two into the tank so that they don’t feel lonely.

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