7 Best LED Lights for Growing Coral in Reef Tanks

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LED lighting is becoming more and more popular. We are seeing a great shift forward in quality of the LED lighting systems that are being produced in the last couple of years.

We are seeing LED lights in marine setups, and these lights have to be strong and produce more light to promote coral growth. And seeing your corals grow can be a very satisfying thing, and it will definitely make your aquarium much more attractive, and of course, the lighting system will shine your tank and make it more beautiful.

The whole lighting business has changed a lot with LEDs. A few years ago, we only knew halide lighting systems, which was more expensive, it produced a lot of heat, which in turn was not beneficial for the fish and it actually was not cost-effective.

The new LED lighting systems are much more effective, they use much less energy and can last for much, much longer. Plus, it is quite affordable.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best LED lights that will help you grow corals in your reef tank. There are some great LED lights that have been produced in the last couple of years, and the technology is only improving. We will take a look at the power outputs of each system, the size of the lights, and how good it is for you and if it is worth getting it.

If you are a beginner, please read my guide on how to setup a saltwater aquarium, where I explain in more details each component of a reef tank.

Now let us take a look at some of the best LED lights for growing coral in reef tanks.

1. Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED light

To begin with the size of the light, this product comes in various different sizes. Firstly, there is the 18 to 24-inch version, the 24 to 36-inch version, 36-48 version and the largest, 48 to 60-inch version. So you have plenty of choices to choose for your aquarium size.

This whole package is a great one. There are plenty of great features at your disposal, and it will not cost you a fortune to get that. There are plenty of colors to choose from, and you can choose them to fit the mood you are in. All of the colors and very bright and sharp, and it will provide you with a spectacular viewing of the aquarium.

From a large range of the color spectrum, you will also have plenty of color effects that will make your tank even more attractive. It is easy to install and quick to use. You will also get a controller which will make the lighting easy to use and is very intuitive.

But we have chosen this one system for lighting to grow corals, because it is very cost-efficient, very powerful, as it produces a very strong LED lighting system that does not use much energy, and does not heat the water too much, plus it looks great.


2. Phlizon 165W Dimmable Aquarium LED

Another good option for LED lighting to grow corals. This one also has plenty of features on its menu – it has a full spectrum of colors, and it includes some UV lights to promote plant defense mechanisms and thus, allow the corals to grow. These lights are made with corals in mind especially, and the white and the red LED lights produced from this LED light is great to promote coral growth.

The lights promote photosynthesis, which promotes plant growth and makes it easier for corals to grow. It is very efficient, and it can work day and night. There are also some presets that you can choose and set yourself, which will make it easier to control the lights yourself.

You also get a 1-year warranty and a professional customer service if you have any questions. This LED lighting system can produce a very powerful performance of up to 165 watts. The blue light that is emitted from this LED lighting is very efficient for the corals and for the fish too, as it emits the very important D3 vitamin, which promotes coral growth.

All in all, this is a great set that you can get to grow the corals and make your tank a very attractive one.


3. OceanRevive Arctic-T247 120W LED

This LED system shows us all just how far has the LED lighting industry come in recent years. With the OceanRevive Arctic-T247, you will get a lot of bang for your buck. It emits vivid colors which will make the fish look even more beautiful and the corals will shine and stand out as well.

But more importantly, this kit comes with some colors and specifications that will help promote the growth of your corals. The system is very easy to use because you will get a controller that will allow you to make changes quickly and freely.

The LED lighting from this system will emit up to 120W of energy, which is more than enough, even for larger tanks. It is very cost-effective, and the colors from this system will help and benefit your fish and the corals and allow them to grow.

It features 48 pieces of LED lights that will each emit about 3W of power. The package is a good one and consider it to make your corals grow.


4. Relassy LED Aquarium Light Panel

Another great choice for an LED lighting system to grow corals. This Relassy LED lighting system will provide you with a good experience. You will get a smart app for your smartphone, where you will be able to adjust and set the lighting settings for the system. This is a very nice addition, as it offers you to set it up from anywhere.

The design of the system feels premium. It has 338 LED lights, all of them are high-quality and will emit D3 vitamins that will cause the corals to grow. There is a large variety of colors to choose from, and you will have a lot of fun customizing the experience and it will look great while also allowing your corals to grow.

It does not get too warm for the fish, and it does not emit noise, which will make it run smooth and silently all without a fan. This is a reliable system that will provide you with great quality and ensures the growth of corals as well.



The VIPARSPECTRA 165W LED lighting system is scientifically designed to provide the best possible experience and enable the fish and the corals to enjoy the lighting and grow, which promotes longevity and healthiness of all tank inhabitants.

The full spectrum of colors is also available, which is obviously a great thing to have, and you will be able to customize it freely. It has an internal timer that will allow you to switch from on and off when you need it to run, and you will not need to be present to turn it off or on; you just set the timer and that’s it.

It has two channels of lights, and you can adjust the brightness of each channel from 0 to 100%. The average power of the system is 105W, but at its maximum, it can produce up to 165W of energy. You will also get a wireless remote included in the package.

The hanging kits are easily adjustable and will allow you to make changes easily. Another great package to provide the perfect conditions for the corals to grow.


6. TOPLANET LED Aquarium Light 165W

This one also has an app that will allow you to control everything through Wi-fi or 4G connection. You will be able to control the Manual, Auto modes, you can also set the timer and customize the lights and the lighting sequences through the app anywhere and anytime.

The system has 3 channels of light: white, blue and night-blue. All of these light channels promote coral growth and overall improvement of the conditions in the tank, and also the fish will be very happy with the lights. The lights can imitate the natural sequence of lighting, from sunrise to midday light to sunset and moonlight, which will help the fish have a better feeling and sleep better.

The average power when it is used is 110W, but the maximum power is 165W. It does not get too hot, and it can work in any water temperatures. The lifespan of this thing is long, which is obviously to be expected from LED lighting systems, and it is improving each year.

In the manual mode, you will be able to control the 3 channels yourself; the auto mode will do it by itself, then there is the default mode and the timer mode.


7. Joyhill LED Aquarium Lights

The last on the list is the Joyhill LED system, and it has a large variety of options to choose from – many different sizes and power outlets, so you can choose it according to your own needs and choose the one that fits your tank.

It is a high-quality aquarium lighting system. This one is a bit more affordable than the other items on the list, but it does not compromise on the performance. You get a power adapter, 2 adjustable docking mounts, and a user’s manual to let you set it up easily.

It does not, however, come with remote control, but that is not necessary and it is only a gadget. But this package offers still a lot to love about, and you will enjoy this LED system a lot.


How to Choose LED Lights for Marine Aquarium?

How to Choose LED Lights for Marine Aquarium?

How to Choose LED Lights for Marine Aquarium?

When you are choosing the LED lights for your aquarium, there are more considerations for you to make before you make your choice. For some people, it is very important that it is not as expensive and that it is a budget option.

There are plenty of those on this list. Be aware, though, that should you decide to spend a bit less, you can naturally expect a slightly weaker performance. But some systems on this list actually offer as good a performance as some more pricey items.

Next, you want to consider the size of your aquarium and decide, if an LED system will actually fit your aquarium. For this, you will need to take a look at the specifications and the sizes of the LED system and the tank and decide if it is right for you.

Another consideration is the power output and the quality of the lighting that the LED system can produce. If you want a more quality performance, you do not need to spend a fortune, but there are some very high-quality products that can cost quite a lot. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options that will not cost you a lot to get a premium performance.

Lastly, there is always the personal preference when it comes to colors and how you want your aquarium to look once you have the lights on.

Why Use LED Lights for Growing Coral?

Why Use LED Lights for Growing Coral?

Why Use LED Lights for Growing Coral?

LED lights can be very beneficial for growing coral. Let us take a look at how they can be beneficial and how to use them to do that.

LED lights often emit a UV light that will make your corals grow. They do that by emitting the D3 vitamin, which will allow the corals and the fish to maintain calcium in their body and also intake new calcium, which, in turn, can help them grow significantly.

Some years ago this was not possible, and you had to use halide lights to make your corals grow, but that was very inefficient because it used to heat the water quite a bit and it was not very efficient in terms of energy consumption.

But nowadays, you can get a lot out of an LED lighting system for a low price, and it will last you for ages.


LED lights are very useful for your tank. Not only do they make your aquarium look great when they are in full effect, but they also promote the growth of the corals and benefit the health of the fish.

This is why it might be wise to choose a good LED system that will do both of the above – look great and promote growth of the corals. All of that should be done with as little possible power consumed as possible.

So if you are looking for a good LED lighting system for your tank, but you do not know what to choose, hopefully you will have a better idea of which one to choose.

So get an LED system, sit back, and enjoy the beautiful colors and see your corals grow into beautiful plants that will make your aquarium look fantastic.

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