7 Best Filters for African Dwarf Frogs

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African dwarf frogs are very interesting species that many people want to have in their aquariums. These frogs, that grow to up to 3 inches, are not only suitable for smaller tanks, but they are also perfect for community tanks.

They are very peaceful and will get along well with many other peaceful fish species and other peaceful animals.

If you want to keep an African dwarf frog, then there are some things that you must take care of before you own one (or more).

Of course, it is good if you know some things about this species, like what food it likes to eat, what are the requirements of the frog, but arguably one of the most important things is providing the right filtration for the water in the aquarium.

The majority of these specifications are covered in my other article about the African dwarf frogs.

In this article, however, we will focus on which filters are best for aquariums with African dwarf frogs in them.

African dwarf frogs are small creatures, and they like to swim around the water and up to the water surface. They are slow swimmers, and their size makes it easy for them to get carried away by strong currents.

Make sure that you choose an adjustable flow filter because you don’t want a strong water flow.  African dwarf frogs are not very good swimmers, which means that they can get carried away by strong currents.

With this in mind, I have compiled some of the best filters available with this feature that would be suitable for a tank with the African dwarf frog in it. Let’s take a look at the seven best filters for African dwarf frogs.

1. Aqua Clear – Fish Tank Filter

The Aqua Clear fish tank filter is a great choice for tank owners with African dwarf frogs in them.

It makes for a great choice because it is one of the most versatile options and it is highly efficient while also filtering a lot of water regardless of the size. It is also quite affordable, of course depending on the size of the tank.

Aqua Filter is a great choice because it is very easy to install due to the hang-on system which allows that. But one thing that makes it a good choice for African dwarf frogs is its re-filtration system.

This system allows its users to completely adjust the water flow of the filter without compromising on efficiency and filtration quality. It provides biological, mechanical and chemical filtration.

For best use and efficiency, you might be required to clean the filter once or twice a week. This will make sure that the filter is running at full strength and promote great filtration quality and beneficial bacteria growth.

The whole system is designed in such a way that the user will be able to set up the filter easily, change the cartridges and everything quickly and also maximize the potential of the filter without increasing the strength of the water flow.


2. Zoo Med Nano 10 External Canister Filter

The next item on this list is this filter for nano tanks with sizes of up to 10 gallons. This too is a versatile choice because it can be used in both saltwater and freshwater settings and very easy to set up, customize and maintain.

It works effectively in a large variety of different settings. Not only that, but it is also very convenient to use, as it is a compact system that works quietly and is made to save space and reduce the vibrations.

It is a three-stage filter which will come very handy for multiple purposes. It has an adjustable flow system. Which is obviously a must-have feature when you have African dwarf frogs in your tank. This will allow you to adjust the strength of the filtration to the frogs in your tank and allow them to be able to swim around the tank freely and without getting carried away by the current.

It is also a very convenient choice that is quite affordable, and you could consider it to be plug-and-play. It makes for a great choice for beginners and people who are looking for a quick and easy filter to set up.


3. NO. 17 Submersible Aquarium Internal Filter

This is a 6W filter that will allow users to adjust the water flow. The 6W strength will make it best used for smaller tanks, with sizes from 1 to 10 gallons. The maximum flow rate of the filter is 132GPH (which is 500L/H), but you can fully adjust it. This is a great choice for tanks with African dwarf frogs.

The no.17 submersible filter comes with plenty of other features in the package. Like having 2 nozzles included which will allow you to change them regularly and allow them to have full effectiveness. But there is plenty of choice with this filter nonetheless, as you will have more variants of the filter. And many of them will fit different tank sizes.

The versatility, efficiency, and effectiveness, and also the affordability of this filter make it a great choice as the starting filter for beginners but also appropriate for more advanced users. But above all, it is perfect for tanks with African dwarf frogs in it, because it has an adjustable water flow system built-in.


4. Penn Plax Cascade Hang-On Filter

The Penn Plax is a great hang-on filter that is not only convenient but also provides a top-level performance while cleaning the water in your tank. It is supposed to clean 100 gallons of water per hour. And is suitable for aquariums of sizes of 10 or 20 gallons.

And while it is quite a powerful filtration system, it manages to keep the noise down. Which is very important not only for the fish in your tank but also (and especially) for the African dwarf frogs.

The filter features Cascade filters that can be easily changed, cleaned, maintained and provide a great level of quality while also staying as quiet as possible. Of course, the filter also has the feature to adjust the flow coming out of it. Which makes it appropriate for this topic, as the African dwarf frogs depend largely on this. It can damage their ability to swim if the current from the filter is too strong.

Not to forget that you will get all these features with this filter for a very affordable price. It is also very easily assembled and set up, which will save you a lot of time. The filter also comes in different strengths and sizes, which will allow you to get one that fits your needs best.


5. Aqueon Quietflow Internal Power Filter

Another great option for a filter for African dwarf frogs, because it has all the features you will ever need from a filter while also being very quiet and affordable as well.

You can get different filter sizes – filters for 10-gallon tanks, 15-gallon tanks, 30-gallon and 40-gallon tanks. In this way, you will have a choice to get the filter that will suit your needs and the aquarium best.

The three-stage filtration from this filter will get rid of all the toxins and debris that might accumulate through time in your tank, which will save you a lot of time and money. The filter is fully submersible and can be used in different settings. For this reason, it is very versatile and suitable for multiple purposes.

The filters in this package are self-priming, which means that installation and setup of the filter will be very easy and almost instant. The flow rate of this filter is 57GPH, although it depends on the size and strength of the filter.

It also has adjustable return flow rate, making it a perfect choice for your aquarium with African dwarf frogs. You will also get a lifetime warranty when you purchase this filter. It is an all-round package that you should consider.


6. Marineland Penguin Power Filter

Next up on the recommended filters for African dwarf frogs is the Marineland Penguin power filter. It is one of the more powerful filters on this list. It boasts a flow rate of 150GPH, which is obviously fully adjustable.

This makes it perfect to aquariums of sizes of 10, 20 and up to 30 gallons. Provided by Marineland, which is one of the companies with real tradition in this field, we can be certain of the quality of this filter.

It offers three-stage filtration to keep your water clean and the animals safe. There are also more powerful filters in this production line, but this one if the most appropriate for this list.

Before setting up this filter, you will need to read the manual and the setup process will be very easy. The convenient part about this filter is that you can change and clean the filter cartridges easily, as they are removed and changed quickly.

An important feature here is obviously the adjustable flow rate, and the Marineland penguin power filter has it. To keep the filter running for a long time, make sure to clean it and maintain it on a regular basis and clean it thoroughly as well.


7. Hygger Internal Filter

This one might be one of the newer options and may be lesser-known, but it will provide a very good experience nonetheless. This specific version of the filter comes with a 7 W strength with a flow rate of 110 GPH. This is quite a powerful filter for smaller aquariums, so it can be used for aquariums of up to 10 gallons.

But do not be turned away by the strong water flow rate, as you can adjust it to any rate you want yourself. It has an adjustable flow knob, which allows you to set it up the way you want it to work.

Another good thing about this filter is that it is quite powerful, but also very quiet. This is important because African dwarf frogs don’t like noise and vibrations which can possibly come from the filter itself, so this one actually makes sure that it is not too noisy.

All of the above, and more, you can expect to get from this filter should you decide to buy it, and you can expect good quality from this filter, despite it being quite an affordable option. It is certainly worth consideration from your side.


Why You Should Use Water Filtration?

Filters are absolutely essential tools to have if you have an aquarium, independent on the size of the tank, and whether the tank is freshwater or marine tank.

Filtration is the process of eliminating waste products and unwanted chemicals from the water, and replacing them with clean water without the waste and with beneficial chemicals and also to promote beneficial bacteria growth.

Without a filter, your water would be full of chemicals, debris and unwanted material that accumulates in a matter of weeks, if not days.

For this reason, it might be wise to consider this matter thoroughly and delve deep into it. Because a good filter will last you a long time and also provide you with a very good filtration system.

Spending a bit more on a good filter from the start is often recommended to beginners, as a good filter can save you a lot of money, but also a lot of time and your bad mood in the long run.

Most filters offer three-stage filtration, which is necessary for good filtration of your tank water – biological, mechanical and chemical filtration.

Mechanical filtration gets rid of big particles of debris, the chemical gets rid of waste chemicals in the water, and biological is necessary to provide the good bacteria and chemicals to the water.

There are also more types of different filters that you can buy. You can buy power filters, internal filters, and filters that are made specifically for marine aquarium systems. In this list, we focused mostly on internal and power filters.

Do African Dwarf Frogs Like Strong Water Flow?

African dwarf frogs are small and quite fragile creatures. They are quite small, as they grow to a maximum 3 inches in size. This means that they can get carried away by strong water flow very easily.

Not only this, but African dwarf frogs are not very good swimmers. You need to consider their need to swim around the water a lot and actually come close to the surface as well. They tend to swim very slowly.

All these attributes of the African dwarf frog make it necessary to buy a filter with adjustable water flow. With this feature, you will be able to adjust the strength of the water flow. Which will make it easier for you to adjust the flow and slow it down so that the frogs will be able to swim.

 So in short, the answer to the above question is, no. African dwarf frogs do not like strong water flow. And you should find a way to reduce the strength of it.

Fortunately, many filters out there offer this option to adjust the flow rate while not compromising on the quality of filtration at all. And the list in this article focuses on filters with this feature included.

How to Reduce Water Flow in Your Filter?

This can be done easily if your filter has the option to adjust it, of course. Many of the filters on the list have a knob where you can adjust the water flow coming out of your filter.

With this knob, it is easy to see and know if the water current is too strong or not. If you do not know where to locate this knob or how to reduce the water flow, you will have to read a manual included in the package of the filter, where you can learn all about this feature.

Once you locate the knob, you should reduce the water flow to make it appropriate for African dwarf frogs. You will be able to see if the current is too strong by the behavior of the frogs. They will be unwilling to swim in such water and will get carried away by it.


African dwarf frogs are lovely little creatures. They can make any aquarium more interesting just by their presence and behavior. Peaceful, low-maintenance and interesting to look at, they are a popular choice amongst the fish tank keepers out there. They can be kept in a group or alone. Depending on the specifications of your tank.

When you own an African dwarf frog in your aquarium, it is important that you adjust the flow rate of the filter. So, that the frogs will be able to swim around the tank.

For this reason, you will find many good filters on this list with the option to adjust the flow rate of the filter and make it appropriate for the African dwarf frog.

Hopefully, you have learned something new about the species and especially that your choice is much easier now that you know the specifications.

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Fair warning, I own the no.17 submersible filter and it is pretty powerful even on its lowest setting. I bought that one for my 2.5 gal tank and it killed my guppy. I then moved it to the 10 gal tank and it still has a pretty damn strong current.
I highly recommend AGAINST getting that filter for delicate, slow swimmers. It’s fine in the 10 gal, but not for anything smaller.

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