Can Betta Fish Eat Vegetables? Are Veggies Good for Bettas?

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Betta fish are probably one of the most talked-about pets when compared to their size. Even if they are technically hardy fish and great for beginners, there are still so many questions that remain unclear to many first-time owners.

And one of the most frequent is certainly related to their diet. So, let us offer a detailed answer to the big question: can Betta fish eat vegetables?

Well, Bettas are carnivorous fish, but that does not mean they can never ever eat some greens. On the contrary, occasional fiber treats can improve their overall well-being.

So, occasionally betta fish can eat vegetables, but it is not the best choice for them. Some betta fish will refuse to eat veggies or tropical flakes which are made from vegetables. Also note, that not all vegetables are good for betta fish.

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Vegetables for Betta Fish

That said, feel free to include some super-tiny amounts of healthy veggies to their diet, and see if they accept it or not. It certainly cannot hurt, as long as these are offered in the appropriate way. Bettas love to taste and chew on new foods, and with their small teeth, they will even leave some tiny marks.

– Peas

Peas are definitely the first choice among many Betta parents when it comes to vegetables, as they really seem to enjoy eating them. And adding to that, peas are greatly helpful to keep their tiny digestive systems fully functioning.

When offering peas to your Betta, make sure to process them first. More precisely, IT, because one single pea is more than enough for a single Betta.

Such food needs to be boiled first, and then the outer skin needs to be removed, so it can be soft enough for the fish to digest it. Cut it into quarters and offer a single quarter piece to one Betta.

– Corn

Corn may be a great alternative to those Bettas who are not really into peas. This should be prepared in the exact same way as peas should- boiled, peeled out and then cut into quarters.

Remember that one kernel of corn is plenty of a meal for an adult Betta.

– Cucumber and Zucchini

These can both be delicious treats to Bettas. Just make sure to cut them into tiny, tiny pieces and to then boil them up a bit.

– Lettuce and Spinach

Leafy greens like lettuce and spinach are also part of a really healthy diet and it is good to offer them occasionally to your fish.

Before placing them into the tank, make sure to soften them up in a microwave. Just a few seconds will be more than enough time to obtain the right substance.

Are Vegetables Good for Bettas?

Vegetables are not a natural part of Betta’s diet plans and they are also not a mandatory treat when held in captivity. However, it cannot hurt to offer occasional veggie treats to your carnivorous fish, as long as the list of acceptable ones is followed.

Ultimately, adding some fibers to their stomachs certainly helps in preventing and treating constipation or bloating.

If you already own a Betta fish, you surely know how individualistic these peculiar fish can be. And indeed, some of them will love all the veggies from our list, while others will consistently refuse them.

Every Betta is an individual with its own character, so if your fish does not like peas, there is no need to worry- you may simply try with corn or another friendly alternative.

Whichever green you choose to offer to your aquatic pet, please do avoid feeding it with any from outside the list. Not all leafy greens are safe, and definitely not all vegetables either.

How Often to Feed Vegetables to Bettas?

There is no general rule regarding the frequency of veggie treats being offered to Bettas. However, it is widely known that they are carnivorous and that vegetables are surely not a normal part of their diet.

The best would probably be to keep these as occasional treats instead as a part of their regular feeding plan, perhaps a couple of times per month.

One Betta may be a huge fan of peas, while another may simply ignore it and leave it to sink. Over time, you will certainly learn to understand your Betta’s preferences and you can then easily tailor its meals accordingly.

Can Betta Fish Eat Fruits?

In theory, if Bettas can eat occasional vegetables then they should be allowed to eat some occasional fruit, too. But it is vitally important to offer super-small amounts of it, and to never ever offer fruits that are highly acidic. Mango seems to be a delicious treat for Bettas.

Some owners share their positive experiences with Bettas eating bananas, but we would suggest avoiding such fruit anyway. They are very fibrous and stringy, so it may lead to digestive complications sometimes.

Once again, it is extremely important to never offer citrus to your Betta, such as lemons or oranges. These can drastically change the tank water specifications in no time and seriously harm your Betta’s health.

Adding to that, it is necessary to closely monitor basically any veggie or fruit you offer to your pet. If they are not eaten during the first few minutes (even just a small particle), please remove it from the tank.

That way, you will ensure the water quality remains healthy. Leaving uneaten vegetable or fruit pieces in the aquarium can ultimately kill your Betta fish.

Can Betta Fish Eat Cooked Rice?

Cooked rice may not be a harmful meal for your Betta, as long as it is not flavored and offered in extremely small portions. However, cooked rice is also not beneficial to their health.

If you run out of their usual food and are not feeling like heading to the store, cooked rice may be an acceptable alternative for that day. But it is not suggested to offer it regularly. Or even as a treat.

Wrapping Up

Betta fish may be carnivorous, but occasional green treats are quite acceptable and even welcome in moderation.

Healthy fibers and vitamins can only improve their overall well-being, but it is extremely important to only offer those which are known to be completely safe. And to offer them as occasional treats.

And finally, remember: A Betta’s stomach is of the size of its eye, so no single meal should ever exceed such amount.  

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