7 Best Submersible Pumps for Outdoor Ponds

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In today’s article you’ll learn about the 7 best submersible pumps for outdoor fish ponds. To be exact, we’ll talk all 7 items separately, then I’ll help you learn how to choose the best one for your needs.

Also, I’ll answer two frequently asked questions about submersible pumps.

Best Submersible Water Pump for Outdoor Ponds

Before I start with the first product, you should be aware that any of these items can be found if you make a quick search on Amazon.

1. Simple Deluxe 1056 GPH Submersible Pump

The Simple Deluxe water pump comes in four different versions, for slightly different needs. However, I’ll cover the second version, the 1056 GPH, that is specifically crafted for outdoor fish ponds.

It’s a versatile device, that will help circulate and aerate the water in your pond. This will result in a healthier environment for your fish and possibly even turtles. You can use this item in outdoor ponds but not only. Standard aquariums, fountains, spout and hydroponic systems are also suitable for the Deluxe pump.

This pump is made to last a long time, because of the built-in pre-filter that sits on the intake. This pre-filtration system will prevent any debris from entering the device, and it extends its life expectancy. Also, the material used to fabricate it, is a non-corrodible material, that ensures a long working period.

The device was created to be safe for your fish and other aqua life. Even your smaller fish won’t get sucked into the pump by accident, thus maintaining a safe environment for them.

Assembling and disassembling the device is quite simple, with no technical knowledge required. This must be done from time to time, because the filter and impeller needs to be cleaned every now and then.


2. TetraPond Water Garden Pump

Like the previous pump, the TetraPond is another device that comes in multiple different versions to suit different requirements. They’ve built four variants, as follows:

  • 50 – 250-gallon capacity
  • 50 – 500-gallon capacity
  • 500 – 1000-gallon capacity
  • 1000 – 1500-gallon capacity

We’re going to talk about the 3rd version listed above, the one that works for outdoor ponds of 500 to 1000 gallons of water in them. This pump is suitable for all sorts of outdoor ponds, and other places as well, like fountains, waterfalls or filters.

This is an energy efficient pump, so your pocket will be safe. This is quite important, because certain pumps will use up a huge amount of electricity to keep working, because they weren’t built to last and be efficient.

Based on your ponds size, you should choose a pump that will circulate the entire volume of water at least once every two hours. This version of the TetraPond will do just that, for ponds that contain 500 to 1000 gallons of water.

However, if your pond is bigger, make sure you go for the 4th variant of the pump, to make sure it will stand up to the needs of your pond. Keep in mind: you can always slow down the flow of a pump, but you can’t increase it.


3. Flexzion Pond Pump

The Flexzion Pond Pump is a popular choice for many people, due to its versatility. It comes in 8 different versions, so you will surely find one that suits your requirements.

Today, we’ll cover the one that will circulate 1200 gallons of water per hour. This version is suitable for most people who own outside fish ponds of medium to large size.

An interesting feature of the product, is the fact that you can use it with salt water ponds as well, not only fresh water environment. It’s true, salt water fish ponds aren’t the most popular thing, however, if you’re into that, this pump will do a great job for you.

Also, it’s a safe device for all sorts of fish, because it doesn’t contain any harmful materials, like oil, copper or harmful chemicals.

You can use it submerged in your pond, like most people, or inline as an external pump besides your pond as well. This method is mostly used for large aquariums that need a powerful water pump to circulate the body of water.

It comes with multiple different settings, to suit all types of needs. For instance, you can use its large flow setting, that will allow a quicker flow of the water in the pond, for it to circulate the whole volume faster. Another setting is the silent mode, that is best when you use the device indoors.


4. Pond Boss Waterfall Pump

The Pond Boss is mainly a waterfall pump, like its name suggests. However, it’s suitable for other needs as well. Since we’re talking about outdoor fish ponds, you should know that this device will work perfectly in such environments.

Since it was designed for waterfalls, a fish pond will pose no problems for this item.

The installation of the pump is quite simple. You don’t need to be a tech expert to know how to assemble the device. Most of it comes ready assembled right in the box, and all you need to do is set it up to start the pumping.

It’s worth mentioning that Pond Boss is a silent device that will not ever bother your fish in the pond. Many other devices have this problem, but the Pond Boss comes with quite operation settings as well, to suite every need.

Also, it’s an energy efficient pump, which is a great addition to the list of features. Since most outdoor pumps must circulate a large quantity of water, being energy efficient is no easy task. However, this device will keep low energy consumption at front.


5. PonicsPumps Submersible Pump

The PonicsPumps Submersible Pump is a great device for those who own a smaller fish pond, and don’t need a hugely powerful item to install in the pond. This is a 400 GPH water pump, created for smaller outdoor ponds and waterfalls.

They made it to be long lasting, by using quality materials which will allow for a safe environment for your fish. It doesn’t contain any toxic substances, like copper or other toxic chemicals.

It’s made of Aluminum Oxide Ceramic, that ensures a long life for your pump. Also, the internal parts are protected by an Epoxy Resin Encasement, to prevent corrosion.

Of course, like any other device, it needs to be maintained from time to time. The cleaning of this item is quite simple, with no tools required to disassemble and clean the filter and impeller. The electric cord is water proof to prevent any issues that could surface.

Also, the pump is great for both salt and fresh water environments, meaning that a marine-like habitat is easily handled by it. Keep in mind that the pump comes in 8 different versions, so choose wisely the best one for your own pond.


6. Growneer 550GPH Submersible Pump

Like the previous item, the Growneer pump was made for smaller fish ponds, that need a suitable water pump. However, since the device comes in 3 different variants, they also made a special device, that will easily stand up to big ponds, that need a higher capacity pump. Now we’ll cover the 550, that’s second in line.

This pump was designed to provide a long-lasting service for small fish ponds. It provides a reliable and ultra-quiet operation system, that will circulate all the water in your pond every few hours.

It comes with an adjustable knob, that will let you control the flow rate. Like I said above, the highest flow rate is 550 GPH, but keep in mind that you can set smaller rates as well, depending on your personal requirements. This will also allow for custom-set pressure in your pond.

Setting it up is a piece of cake. You don’t need any technical knowledge. All you need to do, is use the 4 suction cups provided in the package, to set it up inside the pond or aquarium. Using these cups, the pump will be kept in place, either vertically or horizontally.


7. Vivosun 800GPH Submersible Pump

The Vivosun is the last item on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s any worse than the previous ones. Actually, this pump is among the top candidates for medium to larger fish ponds. It comes in 3 different versions, but the last one is the one we’ll talk about. This the 800GPH version.

As its name suggests, this device can handle a flow rate of 800 GPH. This is the maximum flow rate you can set up, but for smaller ponds or even aquariums, you can leave the flow rate at lower levels too.

It was designed to be used in ponds, aquariums, waterfalls, hydroponic systems, fountains and even irrigation systems. Because of its versatility, you can use it in many different ways.

For instance, once you set it up in your pond, you’ll be able to rotate it any direction you want, to ensure the right water current in the habitat.

When it comes to maintenance, you’ll be able to clean it easily, without the need of any tools to disassemble it. Also, assembling it back together is just as simple.

A nice feature of this item, is the fact that you can hide it pretty easily in the pond. Due to its small size, you can place it in such spots where your fish will never be bothered by it, and the whole look of the pond will be kept unchanged.


Now it’s time to see how to choose the right pump for your needs:

How to Choose the Right Submersible Water Pump?

The most important aspect you need to take into consideration when choosing the right submersible pump for your pond, is the pond’s volume. When you look for a new pump, first of all you need to measure the volume of the pond, to make the perfect choice.

Like I said above, it is recommended that you choose a pump that will circulate the whole body of water at least once every 2 hours. To make this clear, here’s an example:

Let’s say you have a fish pond of 1000 gallons in volume. For such a pond, you’ll need a pump that handles 500 GPH. Quite simple! However, to be sure you buy the right pump, that will handle the volume, it’s best to go for one that can handle 550 or even 600 GPH. This way, you’ll ensure proper circulation in the pond.

Following the example above, you first should measure your pond’s volume, and then pick a pump that comes with a maximum flow rate of at least half your pond’s capacity.

Another aspect that needs to be considered when choosing your new pump, is the whole look of your pond. This stands because you need a pump that will immerse itself easily in the habitat, and won’t ruin it all. After all, the point of a nice fish pond is to improve the whole look of your yard or garden.

To make a good decision, choose a device that will be easily hidden in the pond. For instance, the last item I mentioned above, is quite small, making it a good fit for smaller ponds, where there’s less space available for a submersible device.

How Does a Pond Water Pump Work?

Actually, pond pumps are fairly simple devices, that work on a basic principle. Here’s the general system that’s present in any pond pump:

The heart of the pump is an electric motor that drives an impeller. When the motor is functioning, the impeller will draw water inside the device and will expel it on the other side. This results in a constant water flow and current inside the pond.

The amount of water that is pumped through the device in a certain amount of time is called the water flow, and it’s determined by the power of the motor and size of the impeller. Of course, a larger impeller will result in a larger water flow. But a larger impeller also needs a more powerful motor which leads to more electricity being used for the pump to function.

Why Does Your Pond Pump Slow Down or Not Work?

The most common issue for a pump to slow down, is a blockage in the pump itself. Something could prevent the impeller from rotating at the required speed. Usually, some debris gets sucked into the pump, that prevents it from drawing water into it.

If you notice your pump slowing down for no apparent reason, you should stop it, and take a closer look to see if anything got inside the device. If that’s the case, you’ll need to remove the debris that got inside it. Once you’re finished, the pump should re-take its former capacity.

However, if the pump does not work at all, or it slows down almost until it stops, you should check it for any major problems. It’s best if you send it back if the warranty is still valid.

Keep in mind one thing: when you notice the pump to slow down for no apparent reason, shut it down and investigate. Otherwise, you might break it entirely.

How to Prevent Your Pond Pump from Clogging?

Your pump can clog up with debris that’s sucked into it by the impeller. How can you prevent this from happening, so your pump won’t break or slow down?

First of all, you should regularly clean your pond pump. Maintenance work is required, no matter which pump you choose from the seven I listed above. Just remove the device from the pond, disassemble it, and remove all the debris that got caught in the pump.

You may notice that algae have accumulated on the inside of the device so make sure you clean that off as well, because it can have a negative effect on your pump’s efficiency.

If your pump comes with a mechanical filter, such as a sponge, you should remove that when you clean the device. It’s best to install a new sponge, when you’re done with the maintenance, so it will work a longer period of time.

Cleaning the pump is necessary once a week or two. If you don’t do this work, it can get clogged up pretty quickly. Even the highest quality products will suck some debris into them, so be sure to clean your pump properly to ensure a long working period.


In this article we covered the 7 best submersible water pumps for fish ponds. As you can see, there are many different items on the market, designed for slightly different needs. To make the best decision on the item you’ll purchase, keep in mind your requirements.

This way, you’ll surely make a good choice, that will positively impact your fish pond.

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