7 Best Heater & De-Icer for Outdoor Ponds

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During the winter, when the temperatures are low and the snow starts falling, some fish in your pond might have a hard time surviving in such harsh conditions.

Although many fish in the pond are well-suited for such conditions (such as koi and goldfish), some can be quite vulnerable to low temperatures and might not even survive the winter.

This applies to the fish that are not really well-suited for long, cold winters, rather than the cold-blooded fish that adapt their body temperatures to the conditions and decrease energy needs and breathing rates.

If you live in an area where winters are harsh and long, it is even more essential to get a heater and a de-icer. If the temperatures get really low, ice might start to form on the ponds, which might cause the fish and all living beings in the pond to die. We call this winterkill, and it often happens to ponds in areas where winters are cold.

Luckily, there is a way to prevent this from happening. You can get yourself a good heater and de-icer, which will prevent ice from forming on the pond surface and will provide a heating source which will increase the temperature of the pond.

Best Water Heater & De-Icer for Outdoor Ponds

If you are looking for a good heater and de-icer, but you have no idea where to start, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will cover the 7 best heaters and de-icers for outdoor ponds to keep your fish alive during the winter.

1. Laguna PowerHeat Heated De-Icer for Ponds

The first item on the list is the Laguna PowerHeat De-Icer, which is not meant to be a heater in the common sense of the word, but it is more of a de-icer.

Still, it does have some qualities that heaters have like it melts the snow that accumulates on top of the de-icer. Which essentially can stop any snow and ice forming on the surface as well.

This de-icer is a great gadget for ponds where temperatures go below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It will make sure that there is no ice forming, which will enable the fish to survive easier.

When the de-icer overheats, it has a built-in feature, which will shut down the de-icer. This way, the internal machinery of the de-icer will be protected.

It is not a heater. But it rather aids in gas exchange which makes sure that no ice accumulates on the pond. Also prevents snow from collecting on or near the gadget. The total power output of this de-icer is up to 315W.

The package also features a 7-meter electrical cord and an LED light which shows you whether the machine is turned on or off. This de-icer is a great choice for ponds with temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below; you can expect good quality for the price and efficient use.


2. TetraPond Pond De-Icer

Tetra is one of the most renowned companies when it comes to products for aquariums and ponds, and they provide another great gadget here with the TetraPond de-icer.

This product can be an essential addition to any pond where temperatures drop to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

It prevents ice from forming on the surface of the pond. If the ice starts forming on the surface, the cold temperatures might hurt fish; not only that, but it encourages the accumulation of dangerous toxins that can build up under the ice; and because they have nowhere to escape, these toxins can hurt the fish.

This product makes sure that no ice forms on the surface. This enables the toxins to escape and it eventually keeps the fish safer. It also looks quite natural; blends into the pond because it looks like a rock. It has a thermostat that allows the de-icer to turn off if it overheats or when it is not needed.

The de-icer can provide 300W of output. It is very efficient, quite affordable and provides premium quality and blends into the surroundings. Get this product if you need a high-quality de-icer that will protect your fish during the winter.


3. Farm Innovators Model P-418

As we have already covered, ice on the surface of the pond can be harmful to the fish in many ways.

The low temperatures can harm the fish that are more vulnerable. But also the toxins that accumulate under the ice from plant decay and waste can also harm your fish and the creatures inside the pond.

This pond de-icer is a slightly more powerful de-icer that uses 1250W of power to disable ice from forming in the pond. It is made to maintain a vent in the ice that allows the toxins to escape.

This prevents the fish from getting harmed. It uses just enough power to be efficient for ponds of sizes from 50 gallons all the way to 500 gallons.

It has an aluminum cast which makes sturdy and even more efficient. This is a floating de-icer, but there is also a submersible version. There is also a substantially weaker version of the de-icer (one that uses only 200W).

A good feature of this de-icer is also the thermostat. Which automates the whole process and makes sure that the de-icer is only turned on when it is really needed. Overall, this de-icer is a great package that can be used as a very efficient de-icer to keep ice from forming on the pond surface.


4. Allied Precision 7521 Floating

This product is designed to float on the surface of the pond. It is a heater and a de-icer in one package, and it is definitely worth your money if you are looking for both.

It uses 1500W of power, which is a lot and can be used for even larger ponds.  You can expect effective use and good performance for the money.

As far as the whole package is concerned, it has some great features added in. You will get a 6-foot chord that requires 120 volts. The fact that the cord exits from the top of the gadget can add additional stability and effectiveness.

The product uses a thermostat that automates the whole process and makes sure that the device is used optimally at all times.

As we already mentioned, this product is a heater and a de-icer in one package. This means that it will keep the ice from forming on the pond surface and let the toxins to be released from the pond.

It will also heat the pond, which will provide the fish with optimal living conditions in the winter. This product represents good value for the money. And it incorporates some great features that can enable really effective use and good living conditions for the fish in the pond.


5. K&H Thermo-Pond Floating Pond De-Icer 3.0

This de-icer is certainly one of the more economically friendly items on this list. It uses very low wattage to provide great conditions for the fish in the tank.

Only 100W of power is used by this de-icer, and it makes a hole in the ice to let the dangerous toxins and gases escape from the water. It prevents ice from forming on the surface. A hole in the ice is absolutely essential for ponds as it enables the toxins to escape from the pond.

This de-icer is a very good product, as it doesn’t cost too much. And it provides very good performance for the money. It also doesn’t take a lot to maintain and use this product on a daily basis, because it is very efficient in the way it is used daily. It doesn’t use a lot of power and it is certainly very economical.

If the temperatures of your pond during the winter go below 30 degrees Fahrenheit and you want an economical product that will save you a lot of money with energy, then this product is certainly the best way to go.


6. Floating Winter Pond De-Icer by Danner Manufacturing

Another good de-icer that will prevent ice from forming on the surface of the pond when temperatures get really low.

If the temperatures often drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit in your area, then this de-icer is a great option. It only uses 120W of power, so it is certainly very efficient and very economically friendly.

This product is produced by Danner Manufacturing in Switzerland, and you can be sure about the quality of this product.

Another good feature of this product is the fact that it has a thermostat. Which will automatically control the activity of this de-icer. If you want to keep your fish happy and healthy during winter times, then this product can certainly help you achieve that.

It acts in such a way that it prevents a part of the pond from getting covered in ice, which allows the toxins and unwanted chemicals to escape through that hole.

In this package, you will also get an 18-foot power cord, which will allow you to connect it even to more distant power outlets. Overall, the performance and the cost of this product is certainly very good and it helps you lower the costs of use as much as possible.


7. API 1500 Watt 3 In 1 De-Icer

The last on the list is the API 3 in 1 de-icer. This is a great product that will keep ice from forming on your pond. It has an aluminum base with a plastic case. It is a 3 in 1 product which can convert from sinker, floater and a drain plug de-icer.

This is another very economically friendly product that will use temperature sensors and thermostats to keep the machine running at optimal temperatures. If it overheats (which can happen if it is used extensively), it is automatically turned off.

It can act as a floating de-icer as well as a sinking one, which means that it is quite versatile. This fact means that it represents good value for money and definitely great and efficient performance.

The API 3 in 1 de-icer is definitely more appropriate for smaller ponds. If you want to keep your fish healthy and happy during the winter, then this product is certainly a great one.

It can do the job for ponds of sizes from anywhere about 50 gallons to 700-gallon ponds. It is very versatile and it has different functions and very effective and efficient. This saves you a lot of money in the long run as well.


How to Choose a Pond Heater?

When choosing the right pond heater or a de-icer for your pond, you certainly have to consider multiple factors. Before you choose a de-icer or a heater for your pond, you need to consider some of the factors that we will name here.

The first and possibly the most important factor when choosing the right pond heater for yourself is certainly the pond size. You need to choose the right heater for your needs.

The heater needs to be strong enough for your needs, but also it needs to have a sufficient power output. The device should be suited to your pond size in order to maximize the performance and minimize the costs of operating in the long term.

You can also decide between a submerged or a floating heater and de-icer. Submerged heaters tend to operate near or on the bottom of the pond. It heats the whole pond, even the lowest points of the pond.

Floating heater and de-icer will operate mainly on or near the surface of the pond. Devices such as this are really more suited for de-icing your pond rather than heating. Again, it depends on your needs.

You need to decide whether you want a heater, de-icer, or both. De-icers and heaters are quite similar, but both work in different ways.

You can use de-icers to prevent ice from forming on your surface. While heaters will heat the water in order to enable the fish to survive easier. You can get both in one package with some devices.

If you want something that will blend well with your pond and will not look out of place, then there is plenty of choice for that as well. There are many heaters and de-icers that look like rocks or other pieces of nature that can be found in ponds.

Why You Actually Need to De-Ice a Pond?

It is important to enable the fish and all living beings in the pond to survive during the winter. If the winters in your area are hard and cold, then it is quite often to see ice forming on the surface of lakes and ponds.

When that happens, some harmful gases and toxins can become trapped underneath the ice due to various chemical reactions, or decomposing leaves.

In order to let those gases and chemicals escape from the pond, it is recommended to get a de-icer.

A good de-icer can be used to create a hole in the ice on the surface of the pond, which will enable the dangerous gases and toxins to escape from the pond itself and thus provide better living conditions for the fish during the winter.

It makes sure that the flow of chemicals and gases is more organic and friendly for the fish.

What Happens Under the Ice During Winter?

If there is ice forming on the surface on the pond, it can create an imbalance in chemicals in the water. Due to the cold, harsh winters, the plants and algae in your pond might wither and die. Which significantly reduced the amount of oxygen that is produced in the pond.

But fish need plenty of oxygen in order to survive. This is where the imbalance can occur and it might cause the so-called winterkill. Another thing that might happen is the accumulation of dangerous toxins in the water due to decomposing leaves and plants in the pond.

This is where a de-icer comes in really handy. It enables the oxygen flow into the pond while also letting the toxins to escape.

Do Pond Heaters Consume Much Energy?

Generally, the power consumption of heaters is quite low. It uses about 100 to a maximum of 500 watts of power. It is quite an efficient system that will not use a lot of power.

How to Stop Heat Loss from Your Pond?

A good idea would be to get a good heater to enable the pond to get much warmer and minimize the loss of heat.

During harsh winters, it can be quite hard to stop heat loss from the pond. Which is where a heater might come in handy.


In this article, we have taken a look at some of the best heaters and de-icers for your pond. A good heater and a de-icer can benefit your pond during the winter massively.

Hopefully, you will now be able to make a decision much easier and choose one for your pond.

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